Cash Laundering

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Cash Laundering is a game mechanic that allows you to convert Valuables and Cash received from deals into bank cash.

After you deposit 2.5k into an ATM Eddie will call you and tell you to lay low for a bit. Once you receive 1k more in sales, Cash Laundering will be unlocked and Eddie will call you to tell you about the Cash Laundering business.

Laundering Hideouts[edit]

Laundering Hideouts are spots on the map which allow the player to drop off Cash and Valuables for laundering at any time of day (Green House with Dollar Sign). However, these are often located around patrol routes, making it risky to deposit Cash at Night time.


In the beginning, the laundering business has a 40% return rate. This means that for every 5$ invested as cash, 2$ will be reimbursed to the player as bank money. Despite the initial wasteful nature of the business, it can be upgraded multiple times to increase its efficency and speed.

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