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The DEA can raid your hideout at any time, starting around Exposition factor Come and Get me, it depends on your luck and difficulty.
The next time you enter a rented hideout with a save panel in it you will get a message and a black DEA Van will arrive alongside several police officers.
A timer will start before they bust you. You can escape by a windows. If you do not manage to escape the hideout before the timer runs out, your hideout will be raided, and your game will be over. You can reload a previous save after being shot in a DEA raid.

After a DEA raid, you will lose access to the hideout that was raided, and Mike will spend a few days attempting to get it released from police custody. After a few days, you will receive a message from Mike telling you that your previous hideout is now back on the market and may be re-rented. Keep in mind that any furniture and lab equipment, as well as drugs, money, mixers, etc. that you failed to retrieve from your hideout during the countdown will be lost after the raid. The only way to stop this is through the use of hidden safes, and even then the safes still run the risk of being raided.


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