Emma's Stall

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Emma's Stall is a shop in Old Market, ran by Emma Broadus. She is an early-game source of jars and mixing equipment. Her prices tend to be slightly higher than Jamie's Drug Store.

Purchases made in Emma Stall are made by card payment, meaning the money for it comes out of your bank account, not out of your wallet.


Emmas stall.png


The shop restocks every 2 days.

Item Quantity Price
Medium Jar 6x $16
Small Jar 12x $12
Mixing Tray 3x $40
Simple Mortar 2x $65

Opening Times[edit]

She is open from 7h00 to 15h00.
If you forward time, she will stay later.

Mug shot[edit]

Emma Broadus.png Emma Broadus dialogue.png