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Here are some questions which are regularly asked and their answers.

How do I get my clients addicted?[edit]

Clients naturally become addicted over time. Some drugs (such as heroin and crystal meth) are naturally more addictive than others. You can also mix your drugs with other substances to make them more addictive, such as mixing crystal meth or ibuprofen into amphetamine.

How do I get past the barricade/gate?[edit]

The gates automatically open when you reach level 10. You'll get a notification when this happens.

Where can I buy more jars?[edit]

A lady with a stall at Old Market, just outside the Furniture shop sells them, but only outside Police Hours, only at certain times. At level 13, the Drug Store will unlock, giving you better products at lower prices.

Where's the secret path to downtown?[edit]

There is a tunnel located between just north of Government Docks and Mid/West Deadtown, you pay a construction worker money, starting at $100, to unlock it. The second route is taking one of several Sewage Hatch routes - there is one located just east of Eddie, but you cannot take a backpack with you.

Update: Since June 2021, the sewer mechanics have been reworked. Now, instead of teleporting from once entrance to another, you have to move underground and find your way out. This is relavitely simple using the map, but note that to access between sectors A and B you might need to unlock some locked doors, so bring a couple of lockpicks with you. There is also a one way path underground from sector B to C, but that requires you to cut a certain power outlet above ground first.

You can now also bring a small or a medium backpack with you, making carrying large packs of drugs between sectors trivial.

What happens when you are caught by the police?[edit]

They take all of your illegal items and your bank account is hit with a fine depending on the severity of your crime. Your exposion factor is also negatively affected.

How to unlock gangs?[edit]

You unlock them at level 20 if the Downtown area is unlocked. You will receive a phone call from Eddie. For more info, go see the gang section.

What will be seized at the border checkpoint?[edit]

All drugs ordered from Eddie will be seized. All transformed substances (mill viagra) will be seized. Seeds are not illegal.

Pitcoin, how does it work?[edit]

It is use to increase your order limit. for more info see the page about Pitcoin.

How long will drugs stay in a dead drop for?[edit]

Drugs can stay for 4 hours in a dead drop before they vanish.

How long does it take for the shop to restock?[edit]

The Furniture Shop will restock every 3 days, all other shops take 2 days.

How do I lower my risk and exposition?[edit]

You need to deal more during the police hours 9pm - 7am

How do I get started in weed growing?[edit]

Check out the weed growing guide.

What version of the game am I playing?[edit]

You can check your version in the bottom left of the screen once the game opens.

How can have access to the new drugs / Psychedelics gang?[edit]

You can check your Walk-through for Psychedelics Gang. Spoiler

Where can I get the Smith's Chemical Factory Key?[edit]

You can get the key from Alex Praprinsky to the right of the Smith's Chemical Factory for $1000.

How do I pick locks?[edit]

Check out the lock picking guide.