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The furniture shop is locate in the Old Market. Purchases made in the Furniture Shop are made using your debit card, meaning the money comes out of your bank account, not out of your wallet.


Furniture Shop map.png


The shop restocks every 3 day.

Work Stations[edit]

Item Quantity Price
Small Industrial Desk 5x $250
Large Industrial Desk 3x $390
Big Industrial Desk 3x $500
Small Shelf 5x $100
Medium Shelf 4x $140
Large Shelf 4x $200
Small Modern Shelf 4x $115
Medium Modern Shelf 4x $140
Large Modern Shelf 3x $160


Storage furnitures are useful to store all kinds of things like drugs, money or additives.

Item Quantity Price
Small Hanging Cabinet 8x $40
Large Hanging Cabinet 3x $100
Simple Wardrobe 3x $160
Modern Commode 2x $250
Modern Cupboard 3x $360
Secret Container 3x $190

Rest Items[edit]

These pieces of furniture increase the rate at which time passes by while resting. While this is not important in-game, it makes those quiet hours pass faster for the player.

Item Quantity Price
Basic Couch 6x $70
Modern Sofa 1x $200
Modern Armchair 2x $200
Simple Bed 4x $150
Large Modern Bed 3x $350

Weed Growing Items[edit]

Essential items if you plan to grow weed. Added from version

Item Quantity Price
Flower Pot 8x $40
UV Lamp 4x $150
Air Filter 5x $300


Uncategorized items.

Item Quantity Price
Clothes Wardrobe 3x $260
Laptop 2x $800

Opening Times[edit]

Always open, unlocks at lvl 7 but you will need to rent a hideout first.

Mug shot[edit]

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