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There are three gangs in the game, as of version 1.0.7.
Keiji, La Ballena and the Psychedelics.
You will need to chose between Keiji and La Ballena. The Psychedelics gang will join the cartel.
When you have reached level 17, you will start the quest for the Psychedelics Gang.
When you have reached level 20 and have unlocked the Downtown area, you will receive a call from Eddie to arrange a meet up, with one of the big gangs.

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La Ballena[edit]

La Ballena mug.png
You need to have unlock Supermarket or Downtown area.
You need to have a general risk factor and a low exposition. After the phone call for the meet up, the police will be disabled until after the meeting and you will not receive new orders from customers until you have met. The HQ of the gang is the night club in section B.


Keiji mug.png
You need to have unlock Supermarket or Downtown area.
When Eddie calls, if your general risk factor is at level "Showing Off" and your exposition factor is "Come and Get me" you will meet Keiji. You can get those risk and exposition levels by getting arrested 3 times. The HQ of the gang is the Scarlet Dragon in Bad asia.
He will want to meet up between 11am and 6pm.

Psychedelics Gang[edit]

You will need to reach level 17 and completed the quest to unlock it.

First, Eddie will call to told you about them. But he doesn't know their location.
So you need to find more about it by asking your customers.
A new dialogue option is unlock when you talk to your customers. You will need to ask a few of them.

Second, now you got their location.
On first contact with the gang, they will ask you to bring them 3 letters from a police snitch.
You will need to wait for a day to pass before starting to look for it. Look for lit candles in sector B.
Then every time you find one, you need to wait 3 to 5h, for another one to show up.

Finally: They will trust you and ask you to break into the police station.
Note : if you get arrested with the USB stick, a new one will respawn on the table. Then they will join the Cartel and give you access to 3 new drugs (LSD, Mushrooms, DMT).
And you will have access to John, he will buy your Weed.

Step by step : Walkthrough Psychedelics Gang

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