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Welcome to Drug Dealer Simulator. There's a lot to know to be able to make it from a small-time dealer to a major Kingpin, but hopefully this will help you get started.

Completing the Tutorial[edit]

When you start the game, you'll find yourself in your first Hideouts, the main apartment. You'll get a call from Eddie, your main contact in the Cartel, asking you to come meet him.

Grab your backpack on top of the cupboard, get the keys out of the cupboard, unlock the door, and head down the stairs. Feel free to explore, you're not in a rush. When you're ready to start dealing, follow the blip on your map/compass.

You'll meet up with Eddie and catch up. He'll tell you to go pick up your first dead drop at the supermarket. Head over to the blip on your map/compass and get the drugs from the dead drop. It's marked with a symbol that you'll soon become familiar with.

The dead drop will contain 3 bags, 2 containing 3g of Marihuana and 1 containing 5g of Amphetamine. Head back to your apartment and get on your laptop.

Using your laptop will give you access to the shadyComm interface. From there, you can buy drugs from Eddie, accept orders from clients and dealers, and more.

You should have a few orders coming from your clients - accept them. Head back downstairs and go outside. Follow the blips on your compass/map to find your customers and deliver them the drugs.

Next, you need to place another order for some more drugs from Eddie - go ahead and order up 10g of Amphetamine and 10g of Marihuana.

Next step[edit]

Go check the mixing page or the weed growing guide.