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The Drug Store actually has two shops inside it, one of them is Jamie's Drug Store and the other is named after the owner, Jamie Waltz. Jamie's Drug Store sells lab equipment and Jamie Waltz sells prescription medication which can be useful for mixing.

Purchases made in Jamie's Drug Store are made by card payment, meaning the money for it comes out of your bank account, not out of your wallet. Purchases made with Jamie Waltz is in cash.


Drug Store shop.png Drug Store map.png


The shop restock every 2 day.

Jamie Waltz[edit]

Item Quantity Price
Paracetamol (8g) 15x $18
Ibuprofen (6g) 30x $22
Viagra (15g) 10x $70
Nebilanex (20g) 5x $120

Jamie's Drug Store[edit]

Item Quantity Price
Small Jar 5x $10
Medium Jar 3x $15
Large Jar 4x $30
Metal Container 3x $45
Mixing Tray 5x $40
Small Lab Tray 3x $80
Large Liquid Tray 2x $100
Simple Mortar 3x $60
Electric Coffee Mill 1x $110
Small Electric Mixer 4x $200
Large Lab Mixer 2x $480
Small Substance Dryer 3x $250
Large Lab Dryer 2x $450
Large Flask 4x $140
Lab Crystaliser 2x $500
Pill Machine 3x $300

Opening Times[edit]

Always open, unlock at level 13

Mug shot[edit]

Jamie waltz.png Jamie waltz dialog.png