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This is your world, it is called AR-B3 T-R-A-P, or the Ghetto.

Regions Respect in region to unlock level to unlock
West Oldtown 0
East Oldtown 700 in West Old Town 2
Old Market 700 in East Old Town 4
Stink 800 in Marketplace 6
Kennel 600 in Stink 8
Eastern Slums 700 in Two Tower 8
East Desert
Two Towers 700 in Stink 9
Supermarket Area 450 in Kennel 10
Downtown 550 in Kennel 12
West Deadtown 600 in Downtown 15
Mid Deadtown 650 in Downtown 18
East Deadtown 500 in Mid Deadtown 20
Bad Asia 700 in East Deadtown 23

World Map[edit]

World Map.png
Map top.png