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Update on the mixing guide to Mixing 2.0
Update on the mixing guide to Mixing 3.0

Whether your aim is to cut costs and increase profits by cutting your drugs with cheaper substances or to create a more addictive product, mixing is the process by which you’ll achieve your goal.


Various pieces of equipment exist to help you create mixes. First and foremost are the mixers - starting with the mixing tray.

Additionally, dryers, mills and pill machines will help you produce the right kind of product.


There are a few different types of product. When your customer orders cocaine, they’ll expect a white powder, not a pill or crystal.

  • Dried plant
  • Powdered
  • Crystal
  • Pills
  • Liquid
  • Granulate


Several different types of substances exist which can be mixed with drugs. These range from household ingredients like salt or baking powder, to prescription medication like viagra.

Drugs in their pure form




BlueGrass 1g Acetone
80g Marijuana 80%
20g Viagra 20%
Use in the dryer
NebaGreen 1g Acetone
110g wet Marijuana 73%
20g Viagra 13%
1g dry Marijuana 1%
4g Fentanyl 3%
14g Ecstasy / Ampthetamine 9%
Weed Mix 75 70g Marijuana 70%
30g Viagra 30%
This recipe is for mixing not for sale
THC/NicoSchilling's Ashes 1g Acetone 0.7%
149g wet Marijuana 99.3%
Used for mixing with any drug, grind and mix after crystallisation
Windows 11 1g Acetone 0.25%
300g Marijuana 75%
30g Viagra 7.5%
69g Sugar 17.25%
Original recipie by v7x on the steam community


SodaAmp 20g Amp 77%
6g Baking Soda 23%
WhiteAmp 24g Amp 80%
6g Sugar 20%
BlueAmp 20g Amp 77%
4g Sugar 15%
2g Ibuprofen 8%
SweetAmp 30g Amp 75%
8g Sugar 20%
2g Viagra 5%
GreenAmp 200g Amp 80%
20g Fentanyl 8%
20g Viagra 8%
10g Sugar 4%
White Reign
Pre-Mix 100g Viagra 33.33%
196g Marijuana 65.34%
4g Fentanyl 1.33%
White Reign 225g Amp 75%
75g Pre-Mix 25%
Boba Fett 200g Amp 80%
5g Paracetamol 2%
10g Viagra 4%
5g Baking Powder 2%
30g Sugar 12%
Speed Galore 225g Ampetahmine 75%
25g Neblinax 8%
10g Cocaine 3%
10g Ecstasy 3%
25g Sugar 8%
5g Fentanyl 2%
Sweet Tooth 200g Ampetahmine 80%
20g Sugar 8%
20g Salt 8%
10g Baking Powder 4%
Sweet Tooth can also be used for Mixing
Super Amp 1.0 833g Ampetahmine 83%
44g Baking Soda 4%
90g Viagra 9%
33g LSD 3%
Atomic AMP 750g Ampetahmine 75%
70g Baking Soda 7%
80g Viagra 8%
100g Sugar 10%
Original recipie by v7x on the steam community
Proton AMP 750g Ampetahmine 75%
50g Baking Soda 5%
50g Viagra 5%
100g Sugar 10%
50g Fetanyl 5%
Original recipie by v7x on the steam community


E-Juice 30g Ecstasy 75%
1g Ibuprofen 2.5%
2g Baking Soda 5%
5g Sugar 12.5%
2g Amp 5%
Silent-E 22g Ecstasy 73%
5g Viagra 17%
3g Sugar 10%
HolyWood Party 75g Ecstasy 76%
2g Fentanyl 2%
10g Viagra 10%
4g Sugar 4%
2.5g Amp 3%
5.5g Baking Soda 5%
Trump 240g Ecstasy 80%
10g Fentanyl 3.3%
20g Heroin 6.7%
20g Viagra 6.7%
10g Amphetamine 3.3%
P.S. It Costs about 7.94$/gram to make, clean ecstasy costs 7$/gram
Secstasy 225g Ecstasy 75%
5g Fentanyl 1.7%
10g Paracetamol 3.3%
40g Sugar/Washing Powder 13.3%
10g Viagra 3.3%
10g Nebilanex 3.3%
Vextasy 210g Ecstasy 70%
60g Sugar 20%
30g Viagra 10%
Original recipie by v7x on the steam community
Vextasy 2.0 210g Ecstasy 70%
30g Sugar 10%
30g Amphetamine 10%
21g Viagra 7%
9g Fetynal 3%
Original recipie by v7x on the steam community

Crystal Meth[edit]

BlueSky 1g Acetone
70g Crystal meth 70%
25g Baking soda 25%
5g Viagra 5%
MethBang 1g Acetone
32g Crystal meth 80%
2g Fentanyl 5%
6g Viagra 15%
Crankshaft 1g Acetone
20g Crystal meth 83%
2g Fentanyl 8%
1g Amp 4%
1g Viagra 4%
Ziggy Stardust 1g Acetone
100g Crystal meth 68%
8g Safe Fent 5%
4g Sweet Tooth 3%
36g Sugar 24%
Crystal Palace
1g Acethone
100g Meth %
20g Sugar %
9g Fentanyl %
15g Viagra %
5g Salt %

You must make this mix batch TWICE FIRST then add both batches of mix into the dryer at the same time. Your final product will result in 2x the amount listed in the base recipe below. Failure to do this will result in a product that isn’t fully mixed down in toxicity and may be more dangerous! It is not recommended you adjust Crystal Palace for different quantities from what is listed. You need a table with all the tools except the Pill Maker and the Crystaliser. You will need multiple pots, dryers, flasks, etc.

THE EXACT STEPS: Save your game first. Grind all the meth into pots, then put 100g of powdered meth into mixers, then add sugar to each mixer, then fent, etc etc, then mix them all… while that’s going, add 1g of Acetone to each flask. When the mixers are done, put 1g of each into a small pot to make sure they all stack correct (you do not need to confirm, just make sure it doesn’t give a warning.

If you get a warning reload the save you made). Next, SAVE YOUR GAME AGAIN then separate the mix into the two flasks evenly. Then put the flasks into each dryer before you run them all. Once this is done, do the 1g test again with the dried mix (reload the last save if it fails) — then they all go into the same batch pots

This is a great mix that fits inside a 150g flask! This mix is extremely addictive and because of it’s unique makeup — and the fact that you burn off the acetone — so far hasn’t been able to produce a single overdose in testing; and while possible, it will be rare assuming you are selling weaker stuff than this to your addicts… Again since it is a crystal mix you will need to use the liquid mixing tray and the dryer

Rocket Fuel 1g Acetone
70g Crystal Meth %
10g Cocaine %
10g Amphetamine %
10g Viagra %
Crystal Myth 1g Acetone 0,25%
300g Crystal Meth 75%
30g Viagra 7,5%
69g Sugar 17,25%
Original recipie by v7x on the steam community


VIYAYO 50g Cocaine 91%
5g Viagra 11%
GreenCoke 225g Cocaine 75%
75g Marihuana 25%

220g Cocaine 73%
80g Sugar 27%
CokeX 240g Cocaine 80%
48g Sugar 16%
12g Viagra 4%
White Lightning 240g Cocaine 80%
30g Viagra 10%
30g Sugar 10%
SaltyC 200g Cocaine 67%
10g Fentanyl 3%
15g Baking Soda 5%
75g Viagra 25%
CoCo 225g Cocaine 75%
25g Ibuprofen 8%
50g sugar 17%
Granny's Ashes 1g Acetone
100g Cocaine 77%
10g Crystal Meth 7.5%
10g Viagra 7.5%
10g Baking Soda 7.5%
The Li'l Blue Coke 200g Cocaine 67%
10g Fentanyl 3%
15g Baking Soda 5%
75g Viagra 25%
White Monster
Pre-Mix 225g Marijuana 75%
72g Viagra 24%
3g Fentanyl 1%
White Monster 225g Cocaine 75%
75g Pre-Mix 25%
MT. Everest 200g Cocaine 80%
6g Safe Fent 6%
4g Ibuprofen 2%
10g of Sweet Tooth (see in amp section) 4%
15g Sugar 6%
15g Salt 6%
Deluxe Super Coca Cola 833g Cocaine 83.3%
24g Baking soda 2.4%
30g FentByPro 2.0 3%
10g Viagra 1%
80g Sugar 8%
23g LSD 2.3%
Quartz Cocaine 75%
Baking soda 5%
Viagra 10%
Sugar 10%
Original recipie by v7x on the steam community
Quartz Cocaine 75%
Sugar 15%
Viagra 10%
Original recipie by v7x on the steam community


HeroinX 240g Heroin 80%
12g Viagra 4%
48g Sugar 16%
Superman 200g Heroin 71%
20g Viagra 7%
60g Baking Soda 21%
Lemon Sky
Pre-Mix 100g Viagra 33.33%
200g Sugar OR Baking Soda 66.67%
Lemon Sky 225g Heroin 75%
75g Pre-Mix 25%
Trainspotting 200g Heroin 74%
30g Sugar 11%
5g Paracetamol 2%
10g Baking Soda 4%
5g Ibuprofen 2%
20g Viagra 7%
Fentastic 200g Heroin 80%
12g Safe Fent 5%
8g Paracetamol 3%
15g Sugar 6%
15g Salt 6%
Happy H 240g Heroin %
20g Cocaine %
20g Amphetamine %
10g Viagra %
10g Nebilanex %
Hodda Heroin 75%
Viagra 10%
Sugar/Baking soda 15%
Original recipie by v7x on the steam community
Herkules 75g Heroin 75%
10g Sugar 10%
5g Baking soda 5%
10g Viagra 10%
Super Herkules 833g Heroin %
24g Baking soda %
10g FentByPro 2.0 %
60g Viagra %
23g LSD %
50g Sugar %


Safe Fent 200g Fentanyl 83%
20g Sugar 8%
20g Salt 8%
This recipe is for mixing not for sale

FentByPro 2.0 20g Fentanyl 20%
20g Viagra 20%
50g Sugar 50%
10g Baking soda 10%
This recipe is for mixing Coca cola and Super Herkules


Acid Test 120g LSD 75%
24g Viagra 15%
16g Sugar 10%
LSD Supermix 225g LSD 75%
20g Nebilanex 7%
15g Viagra 5%
40g Salt 13%
LSDeath 220g LSD %
30g DMT %
10g Fentanyl %
20g Nebilanex %
10g Heroin %
10g Baking Soda/Salt %
Tunnel Vision 240g LSD %
20g DMT %
10g Safe Fent %
10g Sweet tooth %
20g Nebilanex %
Cut 500g LSD 50%
500g DMT 50%
This is a byproduct to "Yeet That Crap"
Viagra 10%
Sugar 10%
Original recipie by v7x on the steam community


Nx 120g DMT 75%
16g Viagra 10%
24g Sugar 15%
Pre-Mix 1g Acethone %
Marihuana 100%
DankMT 225g DMT 75%
75g Pre-Mix 23%
DMT Heads 225g DMT 75%
5g Fentanyl 2%
10g Amphetamine 3%
5g Heroin 2%
20g Viagra 7%
30g Washing Powder/Sugar/Salt 10%
5g Neblianex 1%
Dazzler 220g DMT 73.33%
20g Neblinax 6.67%
20g Viagra 6.67%
40g Cocaine or Meth 13.33%
DM-SD 250g DMT 83.3%
50g LSD 16.7%

Gang Mixes[edit]

La Ballena Coca 710g Cocaine 71%
290g Sugar or any other substance 29%
Yeet That Crap 750g Cocaine 75%
250g Cut 25%
Visualisation! 700g Cocaine 70%
260g Sugar 26%
40g LSD (use AMP if LSD is locked) 4%
Noisy Boy 700g Cocaine 70%
100g Sugar 10%
200g LSD-Weed fill 20%
Recipe by BlackOp1 Gaming (YT)
Keiji Meth 1g Acetone
60g Crystal meth 60%
40g Sugar or any other substance 40%

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