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Update on the mixing guide to Mixing 2.0
Update on the mixing guide to Mixing 3.0

Whether your aim is to cut costs and increase profits by cutting your drugs with cheaper substances or to create a more addictive product, mixing is the process by which you’ll achieve your goal.


Various pieces of equipment exist to help you create mixes. First and foremost are the mixers - starting with the mixing tray.

Additionally, dryers, mills and pill machines will help you produce the right kind of product.


There are a few different types of product. When your customer orders cocaine, they’ll expect a white powder, not a pill or crystal.

  • Dried plant
  • Powdered
  • Crystal
  • Pills
  • Liquid
  • Granulate


Several different types of substances exist which can be mixed with drugs. These range from household ingredients like salt or baking powder, to prescription medication like viagra.

Drugs in their pure form




BlueGrass 1g Acetone
79g wet Marihuana 69%
20g Viagra 20%
1g dry Marihuana 1%
The last gram must be add last in the mix
Weed Mix 70 70g Marihuana 70%
30g Viagra 30%
This recipe is for mixing not for sale


SodaAmp 24g Amp 80%
6g Baking Soda 20%
WhiteAmp 24g Amp 80%
6g Sugar 20%
BlueAmp 20g Amp 77%
4g Sugar 15%
2g Ibuprofen 8%
SweetAmp 20g Amp 80%
3g Sugar 12%
2g Viagra 8%
GreenAmp 200g Amp 80%
20g Fentanyl 8%
20g Viagra 8%
10g Sugar 4%


E-Juice 30g Ecstasy 75%
1g Ibuprofen 2.5%
2g Baking Soda 5%
5g Sugar 12.5%
2g Amp 5%
Silent-E 22g Ecstasy 73%
5g Viagra 17%
3g Sugar 10%
HolyWood Party 75g Ecstasy 76%
2g Fentanyl 2%
10g Viagra 10%
4g Sugar 4%
2.5g Amp 3%
5.5g Baking Soda 5%

Crystal Meth[edit]

BlueSky 1g Acetone
70g Crystal meth 70%
25g Baking soda 25%
5g Viagra 5%
MethBang 1g Acetone
32g Crystal meth 80%
2g Fentanyl 5%
6g Viagra 15%
Crankshaft 1g Acetone
20g Crystal meth 83%
2g Fentanyl 8%
1g Amp 4%
1g Viagra 4%


VIYAYO 50g Cocaine 89%
5g Viagra 11%
GreenCoke 225g Cocaine 75%
75g Marihuana 25%
SweetCoke 220g Cocaine 73%
80g Sugar 27%
CokeX 240g Cocaine 80%
12g Viagra 4%
48g Sugar 16%
SaltyC 200g Cocaine 67%
10g Fentanyl 3%
15g Baking Soda 5%
75g Viagra 25%
CoCo 225g Cocaine 75%
25g Ibuprofen 8%
50g sugar 17%
Granny's Ashes 1g Acetone
100g Cocaine 77%
10g Crystal Meth 7.5%
10g Viagra 7.5%
10g Baking Soda 7.5%
The Li'l Blue Coke 200g Cocaine 67%
10g Fentanyl 3%
15g Baking Soda 5%
75g Viagra 25%


HeroinX 240g Heroin 80%
12g Viagra 4%
48g Sugar 16%
Superman 200g Heroin 71%
20g Viagra 7%
60g Baking Soda 21%


Safe Fent 200g Fentanyl 83%
20g Sugar 8%
20g Saltr 8%
This recipe is for mixing not for sale ya mum


Gang mix[edit]

La Ballena Coca 225g Cocaine 75%
75g Sugar, Washing powder, Amp, Marihuana 25%
Keiji Meth 1g Acetone
60g Crystal meth 60%
40g Sugar or Washing powder 40%

Personal use[edit]

Night vision 1g Acetone
10g Marihuana 33%
10g Crystal Meth 33%
10g Cocaine 33%
This recipe is for yourself

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