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You said that Eddie give you my number? So what do you want to know?

Intro to Mixing[edit]

So you want to start mixing? You got your shinny new Mixing Tray and some drugs?
Well, first you need to go see Amy at the Gas Station and get some Baking Soda.
Why baking soda you may ask? It comes in powder form and it is the safest ingredient, Salt can also work but it is 1$ higher.

Now put 24 grams of Amphetamine on that tray and add 6 grams of Baking Soda.
Check your mix detail, you got 80% of AMP and 20% of Baking Soda. If not, you messed something up.
You can apply the mix and after a few sec you should have your first mix completed.
Don't forget to put a name on your mix, it will be a shame to forget what was put in your mix.

Now you telling yourself, that you got 30 grams of AMP you can sell? 6 grams of pure sweet profit? Right?
Think again, the mixing tray has a processing loss of 0-0.5%, meaning that you lose a percentage of your mix every single time you use it.
That is unfair, welcome to the ghetto.
You still got 29 grams, that's a 5 grams profit, you do the math.
What do you do with the reamaining 0.9 grams of your mix? Dump it? Re-use it in your next AMP mix?
All wrong answers. You keep it and put in a small jar, we will use it as a free sample later.

What about all the other products that Amy sells? I see we got a future Drug Lord with us.
They all come in different forms and the mixing pad only accepts the powder form.
So you need to crush them all! Sorry about that. You need a simple mortal. Go see Emma at her stall, she only works during the day and only takes the credit card for some reason. No drug money for her, smart girl.
I will suggest you go buy some Sugar. Not only for profit, but sugar is a little bit addictive. By adding it to your mix, there is a chance that your customer will become addicted. They will then order more drug and more often, that is the second goal of mixing.
Keep your mix at 80% of pure drug and 20% of filler and everybody will be happy.
If you want more addicts faster you can use Ibuprofen pills. It will cost you more though and there is a chance your customer will overdose if you are't carefull.

You remember about the remaining 0.9 grams left in the jar? Put it on your tray, fill up the rest with sugar and mix it.
You just got yourself 29 grams you can use as free samples, rinse and repeat. Because sample can have a 0.00001% of pure drug and still be giving to future customer.

Call me back when you have access to sector B, they closed it for some reason.
You light a few tires on fire and the cops go crazy.
Happy Dealing!

Intro to Mixing - Part 2[edit]

So your big boy now (level 13), you got access to Jamie's Drug Store. He got lot of news toys and drugs and your kind of confuse? I got you! Light a doobie, because it is a long one.

For drugs Jamie got 4 of them: Paracetamol, Nebilanex, Viagra and Ibuprofen.
You already know Ibuprofen, but he got a lot of it.
Paracetamol is a pain reliever. It is toxic and addictive.
Nebilanex is for hypertension and it is very toxic.
Viagra is... well it viagra. It is strong addictive.
I can only suggest to replace Ibuprofen with Viagra for all your mix, but in small dosage. More later on that

Let check the new equipment, they all have good and bad side:
The Electric coffee mill got a capacity of 100g and work faster that the mortar, but it got a percentage lost of 0-3%.
The Metal Container is a great replacement for your jar, the only down side is he got only 3 in stock.

The Pill Maker 3000 with change the form of your powder into pills, it got a 100 grams of capacity with no processing lost. You cannot put 2 substances directly into it. It is not a mixer, but a pill maker! Do your mix first and it will press it into pill form.

The small electric mixer have a 150 grams capacity, but a processing loss of 0-1%. The end product will not stack.
The large lab mixer have a 300 grams capacity and not processing loss. The end product will stack.

To handle wet product you will need glass tray :
The Small Lab Tray have a 15 grams capacity and a processing loss of 0-2%
The Large Liquid Tray have a 40 grams capacity and a processing loss of 0-2%
The Large Flask have a 150 grams of capacity and no processing loss.

Dryer, they transform wet product into a dry form :
The Small Substance Dryer have a 100 grams capacity, but the end product will not stack.
The Large Lab Dryer have a 300 grams capacity, the end product will stack.

The Lab Crystaliser have a 250 gram capacity, they will evaporate any acetone put in your mix to crystal it.

That a lot of information in a short time. Remember to got big or go home and processing loss is bad.

But you did not call me so I can talk you about Jamis store. Nah, you call to talk about mixing.
Take your large lab mixer and let start with powder.
The formula 80% / 20% is still good. So we keep it.
You can do a 225 grams of Cocaine with 75 grams of Sugar. Now that what we call a profit mix.
Yeah, but what about addicting customer? I ear you.

Imagine this mix : the 80% part will be 200 grams of Cocaine, the 20% part will be 50 grams of Viagra. That mix will kill your customer faster that you can spell Fentanyl. So you need to use your head, you cut the 20% part: 10 grams of Viagra with 40 grams of Sugar. You do a mix into the mix. It is call the Inception Technic, well I call it that. Stop judging me!
You can even adjust second mix to make it stronger : 20g viagra with 20g Sugar or 30g viagra with 10g sugar.

Now let talk about Pill making, and I'm talking about Ecstasy.
We will use the Inception Technic again with the 80%/20% formula.
We will do a 100 grams mix.
We need powder ingredient so let start crushing. Start with 80 grams of mill Ecstasy and put into the mixer. Add 15 grams of mill Viagra. Add 5 grams of Baking soda, no need to mill it since it is already in powder form.
You will get a mix of 80% Ecstasy, 15% Viagra and 5% Baking soda.
Put the mix it into the Pill maker 3000. Easy and simple.

You want something hard? Crystal meth is for you!
You take a large flask and put 1 gram of Acetone into it. That shit is toxic, only 1 gram is enough.
You add 80 grams of Crystal meth and add 20 grams of Sugar.
You apply your mix and put it into the crystallizer.

You want a clever trick? You know that drying your freshly harvest Marihuana will cost you a 50% loss right? Well I got a solution for you. You can dried all your wet Marihuana with zero lost.
You put 1 gram of Acetone in a large flask. You add 148 grams of wet Marihuana. The last ingredient to be add need to be 1 gram of dried Marihuana. You apply your mix and add it your large lab drier this no longer works .

Didn't I tell you it was a long one? Now, I have to go pay Eddie, I own some much. Could you lend me 50K$? No, that okay. And call me if you got issue with Gangs.
Happy Dealing !


Hey, long time, no see. You just got out of meeting with :

La Ballena[edit]

Oh yeah, he is the kingpin of the Ghetto. You better never call him that name in front him. Just ask yourself what else he can do, if he can control the police. He ask you to deliver Cocaine to him? That seem like a no-brainer. But be carefull you don't want to put to much substance to your mix: 225g Cocaine, 75g Sugar or Washing powder should do just fine.


Oh, yeah, he control all Bad asia. No cops enter his territory. Rumors is he a little crazy. He ask you to deliver Crystal Meth to him. You better hurry up. But be carefull you don't want to put to much substance to your mix: 1g Acetone, 60g Crystal meth, 40g Sugar or Washing powder sould do just fine.