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Jamie : You want more information about mixing? Since you're a very good customer, I will try to break it down in simple terms. Keep in mind that I'm not an expert in drug mixing. I just sell them in my shop. You probably know that drugs and ingredients have 3 different attributes : Toxicity, Strength and Addictiveness. But when you're mixing them together there is another attributes that you need to know about : Mix Strengthening.

-Mix Strengthening either increases or reduces the final potency of the end mix. Sometimes your want to lower that value, like with Heroin. Sometimes you want that value to be higher, like with Amp. That value is the total of both products Mix Strengthening. This attribute will affect the strength and addictiveness attribute of your mix. It is very important to understand that.

[Mix Strength Multiplier] =
  ([Drug MixStr] + [Ingredient1 MixStr] + [Ingredient2 MixStr] + ... +  [IngredientN MixStr] )
   / [Volume]

-Toxicity is how bad it is for your customer. If it is too high, they die. Every customer has got their own threshold. When you're mixing two substances together, the toxicity will be equal to the sum of both.

[Mix Toxicity] =
  [Mix Strength Multiplier] / [Volume] *
  ([Drug Toxicity]/[Drug MixStr] + [Ingr1 Toxicity]/[Ingr1 MixStr] + ...  + [IngrN Toxicity]/[IngrN MixStr])

-Addictiveness is how addictive your mix will be. If it hits the threshold of your customer, they become addicted to it. Keep in mind, that you could have a medium toxic mix but with a high addictiveness, your customer will take too much of it and die. You need to balance your mix.

[Mix Addictive] =
  [Mix Strength Multiplier] / [Volume] *
  ([Drug Addictive]/[Drug MixStr] + [Ingr1 Addictive]/[Ingr1 MixStr] + ...  + [IngrN Addictive]/[IngrN MixStr])

-Strength is how strong the effect will be on your customer. The strength of your mix is multiplied by its mix strengthening. So you can lower the strength with a low mix strengthening.

[Mix Strength] = 
  [Mix Strength Multiplier] / [Volume] *
  ([Drug Strength]/[Drug MixStr] + [Ingr1 Strength]/[Ingr1 MixStr] + ...  + [IngrN Strength]/[IngrN MixStr])

Note on Acetone:
The resulting volume is reduced after mixing, but its effects are indeed added to the mixture.
400g of Weed dried in the drier does not equal 400g of Weed dried in the drier after being dissolved (polluted) by 1g of Acetone.

Drug & ingredient table[edit]

Qualitative table ref[edit]

Range Qualitative
0 ~ 0.9 very low
1 ~ 1.9 low
2 ~ 2.9 medium
3 ~ 3.9 high
4 ~ 5.9 very high
6 ~ 9.9 dangerous
10 ~ 25 deadly

Qualitative table[edit]

Name level Toxicity Strength Mix Strengthening Addictiveness
Marihuana 0 very low medium low very low
Amphetamine 0 very high medium low low
Ecstasy 6 high medium low low
Crystal Meth 10 very high high medium high
Cocaine 16 very high very high medium high
Heroin 20 dangerous very high high very high
Fentanyl 25 deadly dangerous high dangerous
Mushrooms 20 very low low low low
LSD 20 low medium low low
DMT 20 low medium low high

Name Toxicity Strength Mix Strengthening Addictiveness
Baking Soda none none very low none
Washing Powder dangerous none low none
Ibuprofen deadly medium low low
Acethone deadly very high high low
Salt medium very low low none
Sugar low none low none
Viagra high medium low dangerous
Paracetamol deadly high low very high
Nebilanex deadly medium medium low


This is the [Mix Strength] stat created through mixing. Unmixed drugs have a "quality" of 100%.
With the Coke Gang, for example, Ballena requires his coke to have a strength stat (after mixing) higher than 60.5% of its original value. Coke's original Strength is 4, so your mix only requires that the final resulting strength is 2.42 or higher.

When you scroll over your clients, you will see a bar in the top. This is their quality requirement. This requirement ranges from 70% to ~90%. Earlier clients have a lower expectancy, so mixing with baking soda is okay. Then one day, they will suddenly tell you that it's not good enough. That's because they now expect something stronger, meaning baking soda now makes the product too weak. You are expected to try out different ingredients as you level, because the customer's expectations change as well as if they are addicted or not.
High Addictiveness + High Toxicity = Dead customers
This is okay with new customers because their Toxicity level isn't high yet. Once your customers become addicted, you want to lower Toxicity as much as possible, but also allow Addictiveness to decrease because it will prolong your client's life so they can dish out more money.

Magical formula[edit]

There is a magical formula for mixing, that is called Magic 3.
77% of pure drug, 3% of addictive and 20% of filler.
The addictive could be Ibuprofen or Viagra.
The filler could be Sugar, Baking Soda, Washing Powder, Salt.