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Police will stop you if they think you look suspicious. That includes running or carrying a large backpack. Stop and Frisks are also affected by the difficulty you are using, increasing in frequency the higher difficulty you choose.

You will see the police search prompt if the police decide to search you.

Police search msg.png

Then, if you stop, a progress bar will appear, showing the frisking process. If at any time you decide to run, you may, but this will increase your Exposition and Risk factors.

Police search inprogress.png

If you have no illicit substances on your person or in your bag, the police will let you go (although you may pass a search with full pockets if you have invested in the Illusion skill) .

If you run, the police will chase you and attempt to taze you. If you are tazed, the police will take your drugs, charge you a fine for being caught, and possibly take a cut of any money you have on you.

If your outrun them, you will be deemed a fugitive. This feature implies that if the same cop or cops sees you, they will chase you right away and the rest of the police will be on high alert. There will also be an increased number of patrols on the streets searching for you. A clothing wardrobe, which can be purchased from the furniture shop, will decrease the amount of time you are deemed a fugitive.


There are three checkpoints. They will be unlocked at level ten. You will be searched every time you cross a checkpoint. If you carry anything illegal through the checkpoint, you will be fined and your substances will be seized.
-All drugs ordered from Eddie will be seize.
-All ground, soaked, etc. substances (any substance not in its original container) will be seized.
-Seeds are not considered illegal, and will not be seized.


Crime : Caught by a patrol during police hour
Fine : 50$

Crime : Caught at a checkpoint during police hour
fine : 150$

Crime : Caught running from a search
Fine : 100$

Crime : Caught at checkpoint with illegal possession
Fine : 300$