Psych Gang Guide

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At Level 17 you will receive a call from Eddie

Eddie will call to tell you about the gang, but he doesn't know their location, so you'll need to ask around to find it.
A new dialogue option will be shown when talking to your Clients and Dealers, keep asking around until you find it (Higher chance to find out around Old Market and Stink)

After you find the gang's location and enter their building (located around Stink) talk to Walther
He will ask you to bring 3 correspondences regarding a snitch

You will need to wait for a day to pass before starting to look for it. Look for lit candles in Sector B.

Each time you find a correspondence, you need to report it back to Walther before another will spawn. Then wait 3 to 5h for the next one to show up.

Container location updated.png

All Correspondences Route:

Location Confirm with a candle

Container rock.png Contrainer grave.png Container tire.png
Container supermarket.png Container electric box 2.png Container dumpster.png
Container can paint.png Container bus stop.png Container radiator.png
Container drug store.png Container under.png Container show box.png

After getting all 3 correspondences you will gain the trust of Walther, he will ask for you to break into the Police Station and wipe all the data about the gang from the police database and retrieve the evidence documents.

Grab the USB Stick from the table and make sure you have a few Bobby Pins.
Usb icon.png

Note: if you get arrested with the USB Stick, a new one will spawn on the table.

At night, check your map and go to the Police Station POI Marker. ("Entrance" is in Sector A)
Unlock the gate and door, hack the laptop, grab the archive (the archive will be amongst the red folders.)
Evidence documents.png

After returning to Walther, the gang will join the Cartel and you'll be able to unlock LSD, Mushrooms and DMT through shadyComm.
Eddie will call you to confirm the Cartel addition.

While you're at the building, talk to John, he'll purchase Marihuana in bulk, but at a reduced price ($4/g). The Cash will be deposited in the safe next to Walther