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There are five different shops available to the player in Drug Dealer Simulator. These shops are unlocked as you progress through the game, and the items that they offer vary.

  • Gas Station - First shop you unlock, has some basic mixers like Sugar and Acetone, as well as a larger bag and some spray paint.
  • Emma's Stall - Contains some early equipment that is very useful for storing and cutting your product early in the game, such as mixing trays, mortar-and-pestles, medium, and small jars.
  • Furniture Shop - Contains, as the name suggests, furniture. As you progress through the game and unlock more hideouts, this shop will be essential. Hideouts do not come automatically furnished like the apartment does, and as such you will need to make frequent visits to the furniture shop in order to buy tables and desks for placing product, laptops for buying and selling, pots to plant your own weed, scrubbers and UV lights to aid in growing weed, and regular furniture to boost the speed at which time passes while waiting.
  • Jay's Shop - A better Gas Station. Has a few more over the counter drugs for mixing, as well as briefcases and duffel bags. Great shop to visit if you're in need of better bags and mixers.
  • Drug Store - Likely the most important shop of all. The Drug Store contains pharmacy-grade equipment that you can use to cut your goods, such as crystalizers, driers, a coffee grinder, and an industrial mixer.
  • Decoration Store - Contains, as the name suggests, decoration and surprisingly oldschool furniture.
  • Underground Trash Shop - Contains decoration and trash-style furniture.
  • Pawn Shop - Contains items you can deposit for laundering, without using cash.