Barney Roman

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Barney is the seed guy. He take cash only.


Barney Roman map.png


Note that seed is not considerate as a illegal good, so it will not be seized at the checkpoint.

Outdoor Seed[edit]

Item Quantity Price
AK-420 seed 12x $30
Bubai Sativa seed 12x $35
Skycrapper seed 10x $35
Brainfuck seed 16x $30

Indoor Seed[edit]

Item Quantity Price
Ghetto Kush seed 10x $45
Stoner Haze seed 8x $45
Firecracker seed 8x $40
Bong Breaker seed 12x $40

Opening Times[edit]

He will only meet you in day time. You unlock him at level 15.

Mug shot[edit]

Barney Roman.png Barney Roman dialog.png