Gerard Francier

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Located in Downtown, Gerard Francier is your 3rd contact in the cartel, he'll help you clean your dirty money to avoid the DEA's suspicion.

How do you get in contact with him ? Progress through the game until you reach level 13, Eddie will then put you in contact with him.
After that, all you have to do is message him, ask for a meeting, meet him with the cash and he'll clean it for you and send it directly into your bank account.

He will take a 40% cut though, meaning if you give him $2000, you'll only recieve $1200 in your bank account but without any rise in suspicion.
It sucks, but at least you won't get noticed by the DEA.


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Opening Times[edit]

You can only ask for a meeting during the day.


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Mug shot[edit]

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