Gerard Francier

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Gerard Francier is your 3rd contact in the cartel, he'll help you clean your dirty money to avoid the DEA's suspicion.

How do you get in contact with him?
1) You need to put $2,500 (or more if you want) in the ATM in any interval you want as long as you eventually put in $2,500.

2) Then you will get a call from Eddie and he will tell you that you can no longer use the ATM.

3) Then you need to make about another $1k+ money in drug sales.

4) Then Eddie will call you again and tell you the launder service is open.

5) Then just go to any of the locations marked with "Launder Hideout", knock on the door 1-3 times and put whatever you have money and valuables from the dumpsters in the tray that slides out next to the door then hit "esc" and it will be deposited.

6) Go to your computer, check your bank account and money will be deposited in there over time. You can upgrade the laundry service to both increase the the overall amount you get back daily and the percent you get back of what you initially deposit.


Gerard Launder Hideouts.png