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When you level up, you gain 5 (or 7, if you have 50% or more in Quick Learner skill) new skill points to distribute among your skills.

  • Pockets - Increases the number of pockets you have, enabling you to carry more items without a backpack.
  • Stamina - Increases your stamina, enabling you to run and jump fences longer.
  • Runner - Increases running speed, enabling you to outrun police easier.
  • Stealth - Stealth skill decreases the probability that you will be spotted or controlled by the police. Affects your stealth at night and lowers the chance that the police will decide to search you at daytime.
  • Illusionist - Gives you a slight % chance that the police won't find drugs in your inventory when searched.
  • Salesman - Increases the prices you are able to demand for your products and slightly increases sale numbers. Decreases the time it takes for the clients to make a new order and a new clients to come.
  • Quick Learner - Increases experience points gained for quests. Above 50% gives you an additional 2 skill points gained per level. Note that due to a display bug, the messages that show experience gain do not include the Quick Learner bonus, but the bonus experience is still added to your total.