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When you're ready to do your first Mixes, it's good to start with Baking Soda and Sugar, as they're very low risk Additives. For more information on Mixing, go to our Mixing Guide

In order to prevent stacking issues when Mixing or doing Sales, the same Mixes should have the same names (ie. a mix that's 10g Amphetamine and 3g Baking Soda named "GoodAmp" should always be named "GoodAmp" in order to stack properly).


It's suggested to Save as often as possible (Pre Order, Post Order, Pre Mix, Post Mix, etc.). Though Saving just before leaving your Hideout is a good compromise.

When packaging Drugs, you can withdraw the upper rounded number and add the extra amount back in the Jar instead of having several bags for 1 Order (ie. they order 7g, withdraw 10g, then put back 3g).

Beyond needing to get 5 Clients Addicted for a Mission, it's not advised to have a ton of Addicts because they tend to overdose (Can be countermeasured with a Universal Mix.

While in shadyComm, you can Double Click on Clients on the side bar to open the Order Menu.

You can carry Backpacks in your Pockets to avoid suspicion. Place the backpack into a cupboard (or other storage item like it) then just transfer it into your Pocket.