Underground Trash Shop

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The underground trash shop is located in the sewer in sector B. Purchases made in the Shop are made using card payment, meaning the money comes out of your bank account, not out of your wallet.


Underground Shop map.png


Rest Items[edit]

These pieces of furniture increase the rate at which time passes by while resting. It makes those quiet hours pass faster for the player.

Item Speed Multiplier Price
Trash Bed +4 $400
Trash Sofa +1 $450
Trash Chair +1 $250

Work Stations[edit]

These pieces of furniture can be used to place equipment or substance

Item Price
Trash work station $200


Storage furniture are useful to store all kinds of things like drugs, money or additives.

Item Price
Trash cupboard $500


Decoration items that raises the waiting time multiplier.

Item Speed Multiplier Price
Trash Coffee Table +1 $300
Trash Floor Lamp +1 $200
Trash Ceiling Lamp +1 $100
Trash house plant +1 $150
Trash art piece +1 $300

Opening Times[edit]

Always open, unlocks at lvl 10 but you will need to rent a hideout to use it.

Mug shot[edit]

Vik Vargnes.png Vik Vargnes dialog.png