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1. We’ve added a MASSIVE UNDERGROUND LAYER to the map.

- The sewage manholes are now transformed from simple one-path teleports into physical underground entrances - Now you can enter the sewers if you are carrying a small or medium backpack. Large backpack and duffle bag are still considered too large. - Navigate your way around the dark sewers, find safe pathways around the city. Bring bobby pins, as some paths are accessible only after lockpicking gates! - Use sewer hatches to peek up from the underground to check for police before you exit (or simply estimate your current location). - Find multiple new loot and spray spawn points below as well as one well hidden secret with special content!

2. We’ve added POLICE BLOCKADE mechanics for the police hours.

- Single police patrol car and two policemen spawn around the ghetto at night, blocking pathways on the surface. Find your way around them! - The patrol spawns adjust to your activity. If you use the same routes too often, you can attract unwanted attention.

3. There are also multiple small or medium FIXES and input/gameplay IMPROVEMENTS.

== version 1.0.5. .5 ==

DDS Update 1 0 5 3.5.png


Code name : Hot fix around the corner

- Fixed a bug, where for some players the gang level and pitcoin amount were not loaded properly when using the CONTINUE button in the main menu
- Fixed a bug, where the HUD task list wasn’t refreshing properly, causing the “Awaiting package delivery” status to stay after the package has dropped
- Fixed multiple inventory backpack bugs: reseting backpack size after game load, backpack sizing errors when dragging and dropping out of stacks, containers and more
- Removed a bug where it was possible to put an empty small backpack into a pocket by double clicking it in a container
- Removed a bug where in some cases laBallenas cigars where duplicating and floating in the air
- Fixed a bug where the player was prompted to spray paint on the ground in one spot in downtown
- Fixed a bug where alerted policemen where still chasing you after changing clothes in the clothes wardrobe
- Removed an exploit where you could duplicate money, drugs or other items by manipulating backpack stacks In containers
- Multiple map corrections for improved NPC navigation and glitch elimination

- Added optimizations to multiple game scripts, migrated part of Blueprint scripts to C++ code
- Added multiple additional level streaming layers for loading and unloading unnecessary map parts for less memory usage and better performance.
- Made Multiple lighting modifications mostly optimizing Ambient Occlusion and Mesh Distance Fields for models all around the map to reduce memory usage and improve performance
- Optimised world object collision settings, disabled collisions on many objects that don’t require it to improve performance
- Multiple minor performance corrections


- Added Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese localization


File:DDS Update 1 0 7 2.png

Code name : Weed Growing Update
- Added the marijuana growing mechanics. From now on you will be able to grow your own plants. The mechanic is being unlocked after reaching level 15 or after loading a game where you already have level 15 or higher.
- New salesman selling marijuana seeds for both outdoor and indoor production
- New hideout equipment for marijuana production available in the furniture store after unlocking the new mechanics
- Added refillable bottles of water that can be bought on the gas station
- Added new music to the game a new Two Towers song as well as several new tracks for the surroundings
- Added Japanese localization to the game
- Added Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese localization to the game


Code name : Hotfix
- The memory leak that was causing the performance issues, lags, and crashes
- Disappeared dead drops
- Furniture store exploit
- Gang levels and saving the quantity of Pitcoins

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug where the la Ballena gang reputation raise was glitched and prevented from progressing
- Fixed a bug where Gustavo could rarely disappear making the player unable to check out the money retrieval task. Pending tasks in the cases of no Gustavo on the map should now automatically get checked at load
- Fixed a bug where in some circumstances backpack content could disappear when put into a container
- Added a respawn script for all furniture types at load. This is a potential fix for the issue where some players experience disappearing furniture. We were unable to recreate this issue on our side to 100% test this fix out.
- Added a fixing script for door glitched in the middle of the map in the street with a gang delivery marker set on them. The script should remove the door and reconstruct a new drop destination after load. We were unable to recreate this bug on our side so far to test this solution out 100%.
- Fixed a bug where the small electric mixer had different capacity than stated in the shop
- Fixed a glitch where the coffee grinder had it’s contents glitching outside the model
- Fixed a bug where the police voice and some other environment sounds where muffled
- Fixed a bug where you were able to throw your backpack after being tased by the police
- Fixed a bug and potential exploit where the shop cancel and clear not always worked leaving some items in the inventory
- Fixed a bug where some of the graphics settings were reset after restarting the game
- Fixed a bug where the POLICE SEARCH sign could re-appear after being stopped or loading a game during a search
- Fixed A.I. navigation issues on the map, including the police checkpoints
- Fixed a problem with money laundering quantity input widget
- Fixed collision for the desks and tables where accidentally dropping an item under them made it impossible to pick up
- Minor UI, inventory, police A.I. tweaks and changes

New features and changes:
- Added gang leveling. From now on, you can go further with the gang reputation and grow their orders even bigger. We are planning on adding additional features for gang levels
- Added a averaging algorithm for the clients. From now on you can sell multiple batches at once to one client. The client will buy a batch mix if the items are not too radically different (eg. 1g cocaine, and 4x1g packs of pure baking soda) and the clients later satisfaction from the product will be calculated out of the delivered products property averages. OD chance id dictated by the most toxic batch in the package.
- Improved police difficulty and perception at night for both normal and hard modes

- Greatly increased lighting performance reducing GPU usage and possibly reducing computer overheat. Especially for nighttime
- Added tweaks and changes for NPC animation scripts that may reduce high CPU usage for some of the players


Code name : Patch #2
- Fixed the issue with disappearing Gustavo after loading the game from the fragment right after arranging the meeting, and it wasn’t possible to write to him. Now he’s spawning immediately. Fix is retroactive, and you’ll be able to arrange the deal again after loading game.
- Enlarged capacities for backpacks, bags and furniture as well as decreased the max package size in deliveries to 100g packages to make logistics and pickups easier
- IMPORTANT: We have implemented a possible solution for the issue of randomly disappearing furniture. The issue is probably engine-related, and we were not able to recreate the bug on our side yet to properly analyse it, so the current solution is unfortunately theoretical. If the furniture don’t reappear after the patch - let us know, so we will try other ways to fix this. The good news is that we are 99% certain your furniture is still there along with all its contents - it is just inaccessible due to lack of the furniture 3d model. That being said - if this fix does not help your case, we will be able to get your dope back sooner or later.
- Fixed the issue with the mission of unlocking the Downtown if the player unlocked it earlier. The task will be automatically confirmed.
- Fixed the issue with ordering a few packages from Eddie at the same time. The packages were spawning in the same dead drop, and blocking finishing the tasks with receiving the packages. It was also causing an exploit that enables to order more small packages with shorter time of waiting for them. Now the packages are merging in one order with the merged waiting time. Preventively, we’ve blocked a possibility to drop items to the dead drop with the ordered drugs awaiting to collect.
- Fixed the issue with completing the mission of collecting the money from the gang. It happened after we saved the game after collecting money when the previous issue was present. Now Gustavo and Tom automatically confirm the task after spawning, if there’s no suitcase near them.
- Fixed the potential issue where the drug store was blocked after loading the game despite it was unlocked.
- Fixed the issue with completing the mission with gaining a minimum 500 gang reputation. Fix works retroactively.
- Fixed the issue with glitching the thrown backpack through the obstacles, if you were close to it. Now it’s impossible to throw the backpack if we’re staying very close to the obstacle.
- Improved the spawn point of dropped items by the “Drop Item” feature in inventory. Now the items are spawning below the player, decreasing the chance of losing them when they glitch through furnitures.
- Fixed the issue with pop-ups that were displaying the wrong amount of gained experience points despite investing in “quick learner” skill (the issue was only affecting on the displayed text, players were gaining the proper amount)
- Fixed the issues with displaying drug names in french language version.
- Refined the issue with the la Ballena club entrance before unlocking it. If the bodyguard isn’t present on the clubs’ entrance, it’ll be replaced by a gate. We’re still analyzing the issue with the disappearing bodyguard.
- Improved the Police AI - improved hearing that now able them to hear a player sprinting or walking right behind them at night (they’re hearing sprinting on medium distance, walking on close distance)
- Fixed the issue with Eddie, that disappears like Gustavo: after loading the game from the fragment right after arranging the meeting to deliver cash to the cartel. Fix is retroactive, and Eddie will spawn right after loading the game.
- Fixed the exploit with smuggling backpacks through the wall by using the gaps between walls segments.
- Removed the possibility to jump over the wall from sector B to A by climbing on fences and trash bins from the sandy area under the viaduct.
- Added additonal option in the keybind settings - Map Toggle and Wait Toggle
- Fixed the minor bugs, glitches, and problems appearing on the map.


Code name : Patch #1
- Fixed the issue with collecting the money from a gang after saving the game in the moment, when the gang member was already waiting with the cash.
- Fixed the crystallizer and pill maker in the shop. They’re now normally available in store with prices.
- Fixed the issue with closed furniture store door for a period of time after loading the game.
- Fixed a bug where a dealer would loop indefinitely with a client OD message causing massive reputation drops
- Removed the exploit with possibility to use sewers while carrying a backpack in hands.
- Removed the exploit with the possibility to pass through checkpoints without consequences by dropping the backpack with drop slot
- Improvements to the perception of the Police on all game difficulties (mostly on “PLATA O PLOMO” difficulty)
- Removed a glitch where there was no collision for the furniture shop windows
- Police improvements and fixes:
- Fixes to the police spawning system.
- Fixed a bug where in some circumstances the police could have stopped appearing on the map
- Added a despawner for glitched, bugged or blocked police officers. All blocked or bugged policemen should now shortly get despawned and replaced by a newly spawned patrol
- Tweaked setting on the mechanics of throwing the backpacks. Jump boost on the throw is now lower, the bigger backpacks are now heavier. This makes throwing big backpacks through the wall harder
- Removed few possible exploits to move through the wall
- Corrections to some map locations where the police or clients might get blocked
- Many minor technical and map tweaks and improvements