Walkthrough Psychedelics Gang

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Welcome to the Walkthrough for the Psychedelics Gang

You will need to reach level 17 and completed the quest to unlock it.

First: Hint from Eddie
Eddie will call to tell you about them. But he doesn't know their location.
So you need to find more about it by asking your customers.
A new dialogue option will be unlocked when you talk to your customers. You will need to ask a few of them.
For fast results try in Old Market and Stink.

Second: location, location, location
You got they location, now what?
Your first contact with the gang, is Walter. Don't let the beard or the tweed vest fool you.
He will ask you to bring 3 correspondences regarding a police snitch.
You should have a new task in the organizer, The rat: Intercept and deliver police correspondence.
You will need to wait for a day to pass before starting to look for it. Look for lit candle in sector B.
Note (still in testing) : If you get the mission at 8h00am, the first letter should be plan 4hours latter.
Every time you find one, you need to report it back to Walther.
Envelope icon.png

Then you need to wait 3 to 5h, for another one to show up.

Container location updated.png

All locations in one parcours (2min):

Location confirm with a candle

Container rock.png Contrainer grave.png Container tire.png
Container supermarket.png Container electric box 2.png Container dumpster.png
Container can paint.png Container bus stop.png Container radiator.png
Container drug store.png Container under.png Container show box.png

Finally: Hack the planet!
You gain the trust of Walter, he will ask for a small service: break into the police station.
You need to wipe the data about the gang in the police database and retrieve the evidence documents. Grab the USB stick on the table and make sure you have a few lock picks.
Usb icon.png
Note : if you get arrested with the USB stick, a new one will respawn on the table.
Check your map and go to the maker for the police station.
Unlock the 2 doors, hack the laptop, grab the archive and report back to Walther. The archive will be amongst the red folders.
Evidence documents.png
Evidence documents icon.png

Only then will they join the Cartel and give you access to 3 new drugs (LSD, Mushrooms, DMT).
You will receive a phone call from Eddie, to confirm the Cartel addition.
You will need to unlock then like all the other drugs, on ShadyComm, in one of your laptops.
And you will have access to John, he will buy your weed in bulk amounts, but at a reduced price ($4/g). And deposit the money in the money safe next to Walther.