Weed growing guide

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First, you'll need a bottle of water that you can get from Emma at the Gas Station, or found at random.
Second, you need seed. You will need to contact Barney Roman , he's unlocked at level 15 and is only available in the day time.
There are 2 kinds of seed available: outdoor and indoor.


To grow outdoors, you'll need to find good spot to plant. The soil needs to be good and the plant will need direct sunlight. This can be checked by looking at the plants health.
You'll need to water your plants every 12 hours, which is slower than indoor strains. Rain can also assist with some hydration, but should not be the plant's only source of water.
Outdoor strains produce more when dried than indoor strains. (see Dry Rate)
Most important: Your spot should be isolated. If a police patrol, customer, or dealer sees or smells your plant, they will take it away.

There are 4 kinds of seeds:

Strain Grams Hours Wet Amount Dry Rate Strain Yield Price
AK-420 260 g 90 h 2.89 g/h 52%


1.50 g/h $30
Brainfuck 300 g 124 h 2.42 g/h 47% 1.14 g/h $30
Dubai Sativa 350 g 143 h 2.45 g/h 50% 1.22 g/h $35
Skyscrapper 420 g 144 h 2.92 g/h 50% 1.46 g/h $35


You will need to water your plants every 4 to 6 hours, which is faster than outdoor strains.
Indoor strains produce less when dried than outdoor strains. (see Dry Rate)
If the light is not enough, then you will see that the health of the plant will not be at it maximum.
When you don't have enough air filters installed, then your exposition will rise and you'll get a notification about it. This can eventually lead to a DEA raid.

There are 4 kind of seeds:

Strain Grams Hours Wet Amount Dry Rate Strain Yield Price
Ghetto Kush 180 g 80 h 2.25 g/h 36% 0.81 g/h $45
Bong Breaker 280 g 92 h 3.04 g/h 45% 1.37 g/h $40
Fire Cracker 300 g 100 h 3 g/h 40% 1.2 g/h $40
Stoner Haze 300 g 108 h 2.77 g/h 35% 0.97 g/h $45

To grow indoors, you'll need equipment from Donald at the Furniture shop.
-Pots, one for each seed.
-UV light, they can cover 8 to 9 plants.
-Air Filter, they can filter 3 to 4 plants. The needed amount will be displayed when plants are planted.

Calculation explained
Grams / Hours = g/h (aka. grams per hour) = Wet amount before drying in a dryer or crystallizer.
Wet Amount * Dry Rate = Strain Yield (aka. Sellable amount of Weed that you walk away with.)