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Seeds can be purchased from Barney Roman, he unlocks at Level 15 and is only available during the Day, you need to contact him via shadyComm during the Day and he will be wait for you in East Deadtown in Sector B.

Planting Marihuana is especially useful once you finish the Psychedelic Gang's Quest, as John will purchase Marihuana from you for $4/g.

Tip for filling Water Bottles
While filling up Water Bottles, press "T" to speed up the time and listen for when the water stops, then repeat til all bottles are full.
Decorations can be used to increase the max speed (x25, x35 at "The American Dream").

There are 2 types of Seeds available: Indoor and Outdoor. Both types need water from a Water Bottle, but Rain can also help water Outdoor plants

Indoor Strains[edit]

  • To grow indoors, you need a Plant Pot, UV Light and Air Filter from Donald's Furniture Shop. If the light is not close enough, or there is no light, then the plants health will deplete. (needed amount of Air Filters will display in furniture menu)
  • Indoor plants need to be watered every 4 to 6 hours, which is much more often than outdoor strains.
  • Indoor strains produce less once dried than outdoor strains (see Dry Rate); nevertheless, Bong Breaker (indoor strain) is much more profitable than any outdoor strain producing 1.49 grams per hour of MJ as final product, the difference is the cares between an indoor and an outdoor strain and the number of seeds you want to plant. If you want to plant outdoor strains try with Skycrapper.

Most Important: If you don't have enough Air Filters installed, your Exposition will rise and you'll receive a notification about it. This can eventually lead to a DEA Raid.

There are 4 indoor strains:

Strain Grams Hours Wet Amount Dry Rate Strain Yield Price
Ghetto Kush 205 g 80 h 2.56 g/h 36% 0.92 g/h $45
Bong Breaker 305 g 92 h 3.32 g/h 45% 1.49 g/h $40
Firecracker 312 g 100 h 3.12 g/h 40% 1.25 g/h $40
Stoner Haze 322 g 108 h 2.98 g/h 35% 1.04 g/h $45

Outdoor Strains[edit]

  • To grow outdoors, you need to pick good spot to plant. The soil needs to be good and in direct sunlight (plant health will deplete otherwise)
  • Outdoor plants need to be watered around every 12 hours. Rain can also assist with some watering, but should not be the plant's only source of water.
  • Outdoor strains produce more when dried than indoor strains. (see Dry Rate)

Most Important: Be careful, if a Police Patrol, Client, or Dealer sees or smells your plant, they will take it away.

There are 4 outdoor strains:

Strain Grams Hours Wet Amount Dry Rate Strain Yield Price
AK-420 176 g 167 h 1.05 g/h 52% 0.55 g/h $30
Brainfuck 192 g 175 h 1.1 g/h 47% 0.52 g/h $30
Dubai Sativa 220 g 184 h 1.2 g/h 50% 0.6 g/h $35
Skyscrapper 250 g 186 h 1.34 g/h 50% 0.67 g/h $35

Places to plant outdoor strains: 1800px-World Map Sector C OutdoorStrains.png

Calculation Explained[edit]

Grams / Hours = g/h (aka. grams per hour) = Wet amount before drying in a Dryer or Crystallizer. Wet Amount * Dry Rate = Strain Yield (aka. Sellable amount of Weed that you walk away with.)


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