West Deadtown

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West Deadtown is a block in Sector B. This area contains some integral buildings within the game.


Unlock Requirements[edit]

Required Area Downtown
Min. Respect 650
Min. Level 15

Important Features[edit]

West Deadtown, as mentioned above, contains many buildings integral to the progression of the game. The first of these buildings is Jamie's Pharmaceutical shop. The shop is located at the head of the block on your right, and is easily identified by the grated windows.


The next building that you need to keep an eye out for is La Ballena's bar. The bar is easily identified by the large neon sign above the door, and is where you meet La Ballena to arrange your business deal.

20200706232634 2.jpg Night Club.png

The final building in West Deadtown that you need to keep an eye out for is Jay Schulz's corner store. A souped-up version of the gas station, the corner store sells larger bags like the duffel bag and briefcase, more spray paint, and, most importantly, acts as a Pitcoin exchange site. This shop is connected to/behind La Ballena's bar.

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