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Are they any section missing?

Hiring NPC's as chemists (Suggested by Ancient#7854)[edit]

1. Success/Failure chance. Based on a product investment fund split into subcategories 1.1 Equipment quality (eg the manufacturing equipment) 1.2 Facility quality (cheaper hideout = worse chance, more expensive hideouts = better chance &c) 1.3 Sourced through the pharmacy in different tiers by years of experience eg. 1.3a) Interns 1.3b) Junior Chemist 1.3c) Senior Chemist

2. Upon success, cheaper drugs, abstractly pay for supplies to make say meth or crack

3. Failure could result in simply a loss of supplies.

4. A chemist would require a hideout to work in, effectively blocking it off from player use (maybe).

5. Failure 5.a Failure checked against Facility quality Equipment quality Chemist quality 5.b) Failure in tiers Fail one check: Some loss of yield Fail two checks: No yield Fail three checks: Need to replace equipment or chemist

6. Require the purchase of manufacturing equipment in those hideouts, be it a methlab, growing equipment &c whether this is abstracted or properly modelled.

7. More labs = exposure & or risk (perhaps based on location, presence of neighbors &c)

8. Results message received through Shady Comm, with dead drop delivery tied to the facility location.

9. Production ordered - to a facility limited maximum - through ShadyComm, which must be deadropped and collected before another order may be placed.

10. Supplies MUST be paid for through bank account - legal funds [player incentive + legal cash money sink]

11. DEA raid on the facility results in total loss of everything, losing the hideout to be rerented.

12. In my opinion, a pharmacist would be able to readily acquire supplies for: a) MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) b) Amphetamine c) Methamphetamine d) Heroin e) Fentanyl