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First of all, we suggest you to save as often as possible, though just before leaving your hideouts can be a good compromise. Rename your saves to fit a circumstance and stick to it. Pre Order, Ordered, Pre Mix, Delivered, Etc.

We recommend you to start to sell all the first drugs pure. If you still want to cut your drugs at this point, start by doing a safety 80/20 ratio (8g amp/2g sugar for example). There are guides on Reddit and Steam that can be used if you'd rather skip experimenting.

When you're ready to do your first mixes (what is recommanded from the cocaine as it can cause overdoses), you should start with Baking Soda or sugar in order to not take any risks before doing more tests.

Make sure you keep the same label for the same mixes to avoid the refusing of clients during your sales since the game takes both into account. So, the proportions of ingredients and the name you gave it should be the same for the same customer.

When serving your clients or dealers, you can withdraw the upper rounded number of drugs in the jars in order to put back the excess and keep only one package of the desired size (ex. they ask you 7 grams, you withdraw 10g and put back 3g).

This is especially useful with huge amounts and may be useless below 10 grams.

Beyond the fact that you need to get a few clients addicted for a mission, it's not advised to try having many addicts because they tend to die due to their high consumption. If you want to have addicts, it's highly recommended to stop the sale of hard drugs.

For the useful equipment, try to get the Metal Container as soon as possible since it can hold the highest amount of drugs, although it cannot contain liquids. You should also keep buying them so you don't run out of space nor a shortage at the shops. Please note that you can only buy it with your Bank Account money.

At the same place, get the Large lab mixer from Jamie's Drug Store to increase your production. It's not advised to upgrade to the coffee grinder.

If you have a lot of requests from your clients, try to have at least one laptop per hideouts.

Backpacks can be carried in pockets to avoid suspicion (useful on the way to collect from a dead drop). Simply empty the backpack into a cupboard, store the empty backpack in the the cupboard, then double click it to transfer it to an empty pocket. When you are ready to use it, just drag it from the pocket to the backpack slot to equip it.

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